imageIt's a pleasure to have you with us today, either online or at church!   Whether you're a long time church goer, or stepping into the building or our website for the first time, my hope is that you get a glimpse of the true and living God, and meet with Him, alongside everyone else who gathers in this building.


Whilst there has been a church meeting here for nearly 200 years, I have only been vicar of Christ Church Virginia Water since September 2017, when we moved from Oxford. You will meet Carrie in the church office, and Jacob, our adult son is here with us. Our 2 daughters and granddaughters will join us occasionally when visiting.


Christ Church is fortunate to have a marvellous staff team who oversee various ministries in the life of the church. Please find them associated with areas of congregational life listed in the pages of this website.  Of course, please chat to them here on a Sunday, or anyone else wearing a badge.


I encourage you to come to a service and pop by the welcome desk at church and say hello.


The desk will give you details about the next welcome evening, usually hosted in the vicarage. There are other social /new members events - monthly Sunday breakfast, bring and share lunch, and so on. You will find those details generally on the front page of the website.


This website and the Facebook page are regularly updated, so be sure to keep checking them out. Also, find parish information in our monthly Connection magazine.


It is a privilege to be Vicar at Christ Church Virginia Water. I often think of King David's words in Psalm 122, and I hope you find them to be true for you today as well:


I rejoiced with those who said to me,  

 “Let us go to the house of the Lord.”


With every good wish

 Simon Vibert