Helping students and young adults live for Jesus every day

Christ Church Virginia Water is a Bible teaching church family and we want to help you live for Jesus every day and to reach others with the love of God and the message of Christ. We have a varied and active group of young adults; some students and some workers, some grew up here and some are new members. We would love for you to join us!


•        Weekly Bible Study

•        Student Lunches every Sunday

•        Minibus Pick-up on Sundays

•        Morning & Evening Services

•        A culture of Prayer and Support

•        Young Adult & Youth led services

•        Social Events

•        Q and A Events

•        Outreach Events

•        The Alpha Course


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Knowing Jesus and making Jesus known

The purpose of Christ Church Virginia Water is “Knowing Jesus and Making Jesus Known”. If you're a Christian Student or Young Adult we want to aid and support you to grow in Christ and to reach others with the gospel together.


For the student and young adult community

The vision of the church is “In the community, for the community, to the glory of God”. The young adults of Virginia Water, Egham and surrounding areas are important parts of our community. We as a church want to be a constant support for the young adults and students in our area. Royal Holloway University is an integral part of our community and we want to help it's Christian students live to the glory of God.


Christ Church, your home away from home

Christ Church is a true family church with a love for their Students and Young Adults. We want every member to feel a part of this family and if you're at university we want you to feel you have a loving home with us. We have a welcoming atmosphere with members ready to encourage, mentor and listen with understanding and empathy. There is always a safe space available to discuss anything discreetly and ongoing support for those in need.


Student and young adult lunches

We host lunches for Students and Young Adults after the 10:30 service every Sunday. Each week a different family hosts the meal at their home. It's a great opportunity to get to know other students and young adults, and to be treated by some amazing families in our church!


Minibus pickup

We are a short drive down the road from Royal Holloway University in beautiful Virginia Water. We have morning and evening services on a Sunday, with minibus pickups for the 10:30am service (10:10 pickup) and the 6:30pm service (18:10 pickup).


 Stay connected!

It's important that young Christians stay connected to other Christians and stay connected to a good church. The team at Christ Church make it their responsibility to encourage and help young adults to stay connected. Through social events, weekly gatherings, WhatsApp groups, 1 to 1s and more, we create many ways to stay connected with each other.


Our weekly “Stay Connected” gatherings include Bible study, prayer, encouragement, fellowship and is just a great place to hang out!


 Let's get Biblical!

 We pride ourselves on being a Bible teaching church. We believe the Bible is the word of God and can help to mature and equip us as Christians. Our teaching and studies are in-depth and in context.


Have questions? Get answers!

  Young adulthood is a time when you're thinking about, and seeking answers to, life's big questions. This is a time when knowing why you believe what you believe will give you a foundation for life and help you to feel secure in yourself. This is why we want to give young people the opportunity to bring their questions and concerns about God, about faith, about Jesus, about the Bible and about Christianity. We want to create an environment at Christ Church where everyone feels comfortable to ask anything, and we'll seek to provide Biblical and considerate answers.


We run the Alpha Course and will be hosting Q & A events where people of all beliefs and none are welcome.


Assured and equipped 

“But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect” (1 Peter 3:15)


We seek to be a group that live God honouring lives that represent Christ. We want to help young Christians to feel assured in their faith and equipped to express and share their faith in a respectful and loving way.


Opportunities to serve and get involved

We love having students in our church and for them to be involved in the life of the church, whether through being in a small group or serving through outreach, with the children, in the worship band, in hospitality, on the AV team or in some other way. We also do Youth and Young Adult led services, which is a great opportunity to develop skills and grow as a Christian.


Contact and visit us

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 And why not visit us this Sunday: Christchurch Rd, Virginia Water GU25 4PT