Reading for Preaching


This monthly meeting is to encourage regular preachers, or, those who are just starting out. The concept is very simple:   

  • In advance of the meeting, we will up to 200 pages from different aspects of preaching: theology, hermeneutics, homiletics, etc – ranging from theory to practice.

  • We will take it in turns to start the meeting with 30 minutes overview of what we have read

  • I will then lead discussion for an hour on lessons from what we have read.


You don’t have to join for ever – but you will be asked at least commit to the end of each book.


Course leader: Simon Vibert


First book: Jonathan Lamb “Preaching Matters”, Keswick Ministries, 2014


First meet: Monday 7 June 2021, 7-8.30pm (via zoom)

For further information please contact .