Passion for Life at Christ Church


Passion for Life monthly leaflet

Simon has recently talked in church about Passion for Life and how Christ Church can prepare for this event next year and support it now.

If you did not receive a copy of the leaflet, you can download a copy below

Edition 1 September

Edition 2 October

Edition 3 November

Otherwise pick one up the next time you are in church.  

We are also organising to get together and pray twice a month for Passion for Life.  If you would like to be included in our prayer times please email .

Passion for Life


'A Passion for Life' is a nationwide initiative encouraging followers of Jesus to share him with the community in which they live and work. We want to join with this as we believe it fulfils our vision to be “in the community, for the community, to the glory of God.” Passion for Life will motivate us to reach out and grow, it will help mature us in our Christian walk, and it will spur us on to glorify God in our community as more and more people come to Christ!

Easter 2022 is planned to be the climax of several months of preparation, and lots of prayer and focussed events. Unlike other missions, the emphasis is very much on local churches taking the initiative to put on a series of formal and informal meetings in the parish/community.

There is no “big name”/outside speaker (although other people will be involved, in addition to our staff team). The idea is that, with the help of a resources from the Passion for Life national team, WE do this – after much prayer, planning and equipping.

The legacy, we hope, is not just a series of events which fizzle out after Easter, but rather, we will be motivated to be a consistently evangelistically focussed church that is taking seriously our vision to be in the community for the glory of God.