Our vision is to see every member of the Church being informed, inspired and engaging in the practical, prayerful and financial needs of local, national and international mission. With that aim in mind, our Missions Coordination Team is working:
  •  to motivate practical, prayerful and financial support of Mission through regular Bible teaching
  •  to ensure the visibility of Christ Church-supported mission agencies within the Church
  •  to have each Small Group adopt a Christ Church supported Mission Partner or Agency for regular prayer and practical support
  •  to achieve active participation in short or long term Mission by at least 10% of Christ Church members
  •  to give 15% (a tithe and a half) of our Voluntary Giving income to Mission ensuring a deliberate focus on the ongoing support of ministries with which current or former members of Christ Church are serving
We presently support 11 Mission Partners and encourage Church members to participate in Mission trips. Some are actively involved with local ventures such as Besom and the Foodbank, others are involved in overseas work with our Mission Partners or with other Christian agencies.
The Mission Coordination Team is able, in some circumstances, to offer financial help to Church members wanting to participate in a mission trip and to certain other causes.  Those seeking such support should contact the missions team.