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If you would like to make a donation to the ongoing work of the church you can do so via this button.

We are grateful for your ongoing support at this time.


"There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope when you were called; one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all. But to each one of us grace has been given as Christ apportioned it" (Ephesians 4:4-7)

One Body Many Parts

We take seriously the biblical image of the Church as a Body made up of many different parts, each valued and each with unique gifts and talents given by God for the good of the whole. We believe in every-member-ministry and encourage every member to follow the model of the Lord Jesus in service. Our aim is to glorify God as we serve one another in love.

Many Parts but One Body

In our Ministry Teams Booklet you will find information about a variety of Sunday serving opportunities at Christ Church. Each ministry area fulfils a unique role and as such some roles will be more suited to one individual or another according to the way God has created us.
Yet whilst we are all made differently, we were all created to serve one Lord. Regardless of the ministry role we expect all who serve to be:
  • a committed follower of Jesus Christ
  • committed to the Church family that meets at Christ Church
It is also assumed that you will have completed a Church Membership Covenant and agree our Statement Of Faith.

Time Commitment

Our various ministry teams work on a yearly basis. We encourage you to commit fully to an area of service during this time. There is then the option the following year to serve in the same area or try something new.
Certain roles require more time and serving over consecutive weeks than others. As a result, if you are looking to join more than one team, there are ministry areas which may not be compatible.
The information in our Ministry Teams Booklet will give you a flavour of what is involved in each role. We then invite to fill in our Ministry Pledge Form expressing up to 3 areas of ministry in which you might be interested to serve. For now, don’t worry about which roles might be compatible, what we’d really love is to hear where you would be passionate about serving.
We invite you to consider prayerfully your part in helping us fulfill our Mission - to know Jesus and make Jesus known. Imagine what our Church family could be like a year from now with everyone increasingly becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.
Thank you for your partnership in the ministry and may God bless you as we serve Him together, for His glory.


Legacies to Christ Church can make a huge difference to our finances. With the increasing cost of care, we are all nervous of giving away our savings if they might be needed for care costs. A legacy gets round this problem and any money given escapes inheritance tax. 
For guidance on how to set up a legacy including details of recommended solicitors, see our
legacy guide



Why should I give?

As members of God's family we belong to Him; all that we are and all that we have are His. Part of our shared family responsibility is to invest the resources He gives us for His purposes and for His glory. In the Bible God calls us to respond to Him in thankfulness by giving to and through our local church, where we are fed and nurtured, liberally and joyfully, generously and freely and in proportion to our ability.

How much should I give?

In the Old Testament, God called His people to give 10% as their "tithe"; additional freewill offerings were over and above this. In the New Testament, we are under grace not law and therefore we should be motivated to give even more freely. How much you give is a matter for prayerful consideration between you and the Lord.

What about confidentiality?

Only you, our Church Finance Team (Rod Whitehead, Leza Sack and Rob Humphreys), and our auditors will have access to information about how much you give and by what means. They will, of course, keep this information confidential.

How can I give?

1. By Online Payment

This is the most effective means to give to Christ Church. Whether you wish to give monthly, quarterly or annually, these commitments help us plan for the future development of our ministry.
To give in this way, there are two options:
  • use on-line banking to set up a regular transfer.  Please contact  or  for the CCVW bank details.
  • If you do not use online banking, then complete a Bankers Order and send it to your bank (or place it in a sealed envelope marked "Finance Administrator" and put it in the Collection Basket and we will send it on).  Please contact  or  for a copy of the Bankers Order.
If possible please also complete a Gift Aid Declaration as well as enable us to recover another 25% in tax relief for UK taxpayers. For more details, see below.

2. Via the Collection Basket

You can also give in cash or by cheque via the Collection Basket.  Cheques should be payable to PCC EPPCCVW.  If eligible, please use a Gift Aid Envelope to enable us to recover another 25% in tax relief for UK taxpayers. For more details, see below.

Can Gift Aid be claimed on my giving?

As a registered charity, we are able to reclaim basic rate tax (20%) on all donations we receive from you if you are a UK taxpayer. This equates to 25% of the gift you give us out of your taxed income. So, for every £100 you give us using this scheme, we can claim back another £25 from the Government, at no cost to you. If you pay UK tax and have not already done so, please complete a Gift Aid Declaration form and send to the .
We will record your giving, claim any tax relief due under Gift Aid and once a year we will advise you of your total giving under Gift Aid. You can use this information to claim additional tax relief if you are eligible via the HMRC Self Assessment return. If you pay tax at a rate higher than basic rate, further tax relief is available to you on your charitable donations, enabling you to give even more!

What if I am a US/UK dual taxpayer?

If you are a US/UK dual taxpayer, please be advised that Christ Church is registered with the CAF American Donor Fund enabling you to give tax-efficiently claiming Gift Aid in the UK while still benefiting from a tax deduction in the US. Click here for more details.

What about Legacies?

If you would like to leave Christ Church a gift in your Will, giving in this way is exempt from Inheritance Tax. We will be pleased to supply details of how you can leave a legacy gift whether or not you have already prepared your Will.
If you would like more information on financial stewardship at Christ Church please contact our Treasurer ( who will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.