Womens' Bible Study Group

The Women's Bible Study group meets on Thursdays between 10:00 and 11.30 in the Patio Rooms. 

We are a group of all ages and our aim is to explore the Bible to find out more about ourselves, God and what it means to call oneself a follower of Jesus. Our meetings are safe places where we share our questions, understandings, confusions and sometimes even our doubts. We support each other through good times and difficult times by prayer and in other ways. We drink coffee, eat biscuits, talk, laugh and sometimes cry, pray aloud and silently, and in all these ways seek to get to know God better through Jesus.


At the moment we are studying the gospel of John and some of the questions we have explored are:

How could Jesus be completely human and also completely divine?

What does it mean to be born again? Do I have to have a life changing experience to become a Christian?

Is the Holy Spirit really a person?

What is the kingdom of God like?


We would love for anybody who is free to join us. There are no expectations - no homework, no requirement to talk or share, no expectations of where you might be in your spiritual journey. We understand that people have busy lives and sometimes have other commitments. Come and explore the life of faith with us.


We meet at 10am every Thursday with breaks for the holidays.

For further information contact Margaret Perkins on

  Other opportunities for women to meet and enjoy each other's company are: