Mission Of The Month: Carnival Capers: Saturday 24 June

Carnival Capers

Tomorrow is Carnival Capers, the annual big summer fete on Cabrera Green, complete with all sorts of delicious cakes and other refreshments, music, games, bookstalls, lots of fun and (hopefully) sun!  Christ Church provides a tea tent and a prayer tent every year, only made possible with the help of our lovely volunteers.  We look forward to seeing you there, if you have not already signed up then please do just pop in and see Annette, Hannah or Anita in the tea and prayer tents or catch Kevin on the field if you can spare us some time.  We’d also appreciate it if you could bake a cake for our tea tent, please bring along to the Community Centre kitchen anytime during the day.   Looking forward to a great day of Community fun and outreach.

DAI UK May News Update

News Update FB Template

DAI UK publishes a News Update and a Prayer Update every quarter i.e. just one email in your inbox every 6 or 7 weeks. If you are passionate about Christian servant-leadership training and would like to keep up with DAI’s global and local ministry please click here and follow the SIGN UP links to subscribe to these updates. Colin Rye (Christ Church member and DAI UK’s Chief Exec. & Senior Consultant for Curriculum Development) and John Rogers (former Christ Church member and DAI UK’s Senior Consultant for Adult Learning) would be delighted to know that you are interested in, and praying for DAI.

Featuring 3 stories with a ‘light’ link, 3 from Sri Lanka and more, the May News Update is available here.

For more information about DAI, click here to visit our website or email Colin.

Thank you from 602 South Sudanese families


Colin Rye, DAI’s CEO & Senior Consultant for Curriculum Development writes:

“In April the Christ Church PCC (Parochial Church Council) agreed, in response to the famine crisis in East Africa, to donate £3,000 from the Church’s Mission Contingency Fund to support the relief efforts of Mission Partners DAI (£1,000) and Tearfund (£2,000). I am delighted to advise that this donation contributed to a total of $19,558 which DAI has passed to the Rumbek Diocese of the Episcopalian Church (part of the Anglican Communion). There, our local DAI team, led by Bishop Alapayo Kuctiel, has distributed these funds to 602 needy families to buy life-sustaining food and medical supplies.

Bishop Alapayo expresses his thanks below and, on behalf of all at DAI, I would like to add mine. Thank you Christ Church for you generosity to the people of South Sudan”

Bishop Alapayo Kuctiel 60018 May 2017 Rumbek, South Sudan

Greetings in the name of our merciful and Saviour Jesus Christ, the Prince of peace, love and mercy Amen!

When we asked for help in August, the situation of our people had been very bad compared to their current situation after your assistance. Therefore, you provided for people who could not afford to buy a simple meal for one day. Your gift came at the right time for our people in Rumbek Diocese which falls in the heart of South Sudan. Many people from different places have run to Rumbek for safety.

Your assistance helped 602 people who could have not managed to survive without aid. They will not forget your wonderful gift and they always ask me to share their gratitude and appreciation. You have done a great job for God’s people across the globe, more especially South Sudan which is facing a tough political situation which resulted in famine because people could not cultivate their local farms.

The impact of your assistance on our people was also very helpful as they have realized that the Church is for all people in the World, for one purpose of evangelizing, and for transforming the lives of other people who may face difficulties in one way and another. They went even to the extent of comparing your assistance with the two loaves of bread that Jesus blessed and shared among over five hundred people who were following Him for long time without food. Therefore, they ask that God bless you and give you long lives so that you will help others like them in the future as a furtherance of the ministry of Jesus Christ.

We are very thankful and grateful for the $19,558 USD in donations that we received from DAI friends. We will always put you in our daily prayers and God the Merciful and the source of all good gifts will bless you one by one and give you more resources so as to continue doing the work of mercy, love, kindness, sympathy for the furtherance of the ministry of our Lord and savior who gave up his precious and dear life for our salvation and transformation as the new people of God’s Kingdom.

Rumbek Diocese will always remember you as long as we are still in existence in the ministry now and in the life to come. May the grace of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ be with us all.

Bishop Alapayo Manyang Kuctiel Nhiera
DAI, Ministry Center Director

Mission Trip Funding Available


Are you thinking about going on a mission trip?

There are funds available in our mission budget to help people who feel called to go on a short or long term mission trip!  Here are some thoughts:

  • There are no age restrictions! We have had as many pensioners as students recently.
  • You don’t have to travel far – we made a grant to a student doing an evangelistic mission on a council estate in London.
  • Whilst we are particularly keen on people doing mission work connected to our mission partners, it can be for any Christian organization.
  • Our grants vary between £100 and £1,000.  The size of the grant depends on the cost of the trip and what you are planning to do i.e. the benefit to the organization you are visiting and helping.
  • However we would not normally provide more than half the total cost of the mission, unless there were special circumstances. i.e. we would expect the applicant to make some contribution, or do some fundraising.
  • Some of our mission partners do trips to visit their work. e.g. Amos Trust are planning hoping to organize a trip to New Generation Burundi in 2018. Compassion, CMS and Tearfund run trips every year. Grants are more likely where the applicant plans to do something at the project, rather than purely visit to watch the activities.
  • If you would like to apply, then please complete an Application Form and send it to rodwhd@gmail.com for the committee to prayerfully consider alongside any other current applications and funds available. Speak to Rod Whitehead on 0780 330 9230 for more details.


Our current mission partners are:

International: Amos Trust (New Generation Burundi), Church Mission Society, Compassion, Christianity Explored East Africa, DAI, FEBA, Open Doors, Peacemaker Mediators, Tearfund (LAMB Bangladesh)

UK: East to West, Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship.

To find our more about Christ Church’s Mission Partners, click here.

J John At The Emirates – Last Few Tickets Available!


Just a few more tickets left if you would like to join us at the J John Just One event at The Emirates Stadium on Saturday 8 July and bring along a guest. This will be an evangelistic event and is a great opportunity for your guest to hear about the good news of Jesus Christ, so please do be thinking of who you could invite! Tickets are £10 from the office (and we will purchase the ticket for your guest).  We will be organising transport to take us to the event.

Mission Of The Month – Tearfund

Tearfund logo

Decisions we make in the UK affect poverty around the world, for good or bad. Please do pray for the election, and if one of the parties contacts you during the campaign, please take the chance to tell them you care about it. Tearfund suggest these two questions:

‘Will your party make sure we keep giving at least 0.7% of our national income as overseas aid?’

You could also add that you care passionately about aid because it saves many lives around the world every year – a life every two minutes!

‘Will your party keep the promises of the Paris Agreement and limit our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions?’

You could also add (where appropriate):

  • You think this is really important because climate change is already causing terrible hunger and suffering around the world.
  • Ask how they intend to reduce our emissions.

There’s more ideas and resources at www.tearfund.org/election

Summer On The Green

Summer on the Green 2017 for eNews and website

From 25th-27th July, meet us on Cabrera Green, Virginia Water for games and activities for all ages from 15:30 with a BBQ from 17:00!

Difficult Choices – News from Veronica


We know death is inevitable, but there are good and bad deaths.

A young brother and sister were knocked over by a car. They were communicating when they reached the emergency department, but first one succumbed to a major bleed in his brain and later I learned that his sister was struggling to stay alive in ITU.

Patients with TB cannot be nursed on the open ward and we only have one single room in ITU to monitor patients needing a ventilator, but we had two such patients. Now we only have one….

We question ourselves as to whether we could have handled things differently.

Some patients are afraid when they are ill to seek appropriate help. It is easy to deny you are sick if the family cannot afford treatment, if you have witnessed friends and family going to hospital too late for treatment and so having poor results, you are disinclined to rush there yourself. For some healthcare staff caring for people who then die, especially when they are know that things could have been different, produces a hardening in their attitude, which may be a self-preservation tactic for them, but limits their availability to the patient and causes repercussions with other team members.

There are some truly inspirational people working here and some delightful patients, but many others struggle on. We do need and appreciate your prayers and messages to provide the best healthcare available in these challenging conditions.

It has been a great blessing to share an apartment with two other short termers that I met last April. We have shared special Easter celebrations with the other Christians in this community, but we cannot ignore the huge problems in providing good healthcare for the people living here. Like us Kenya will have a general election this year. Let us pray that people of integrity will be elected who have a clear vision to make changes that benefit all the population and not be distracted by false goals.

P.S. I have just been up to itu. The little girl is recovering. She has many broken bones and will be in hospital for a while, but she is breathing on her own and talking. I don’t know if she has been told that her brother died yet.


News From Burundi

new generation burundi

Amohoro “peace ” a typical Burundian greeting.

Imana Ishimwe “praise God” we are well, encouraged and excited about all the positive and thoroughly wonderful things that God is doing through the work of New Generation.

Oh for more understanding of Kirundi (the Burundian language) to understand  better the amazing testimonies of faith in Jesus and the miracles the people experience daily.  Evidence of Holy Spirits grace and strength is in their faces.  The poverty and difficulties of ordinary people and children are beyond what we can imagine. The country struggles on, overcoming the frustrations and injustices. We stay (comfortably) at the Kings conference centre very near to New Generation centre. right now the generator is running loudly giving us electricity, those without generators will have no electricity. The power cuts are daily and for many hours during the day (and always at night after 7 or 8pm) There is much to say about military and police activity!

At New Generation and Oasis church there is prayer every weekday from. 6am -7am the children have breakfast and the morning children go off to school!

They return for lunch and they eat rice and beans together, then those who attend school in the afternoon skip off down the dusty pot holed road to return about 6pm then all have supper together.  In the new dining /living area that has been finished since our last visit, the children have a few small toys ( k-nex, jigsaws, simple board games, and TV when there is electricity.) Part time staff (i.e. physiologist) and volunteers facilitate helping with school work, drawing colouring and listening to children. They now have a folder for each child in the “road to school” programme. (74 kids ages from 5 to 16 or 17) The children’s abilities vary and many are extremely bright some are traumatised so much that time will tell; (all are loved and encouraged) NG teaches them to value education and work hard.

The weekends are full at Oasis church with youth group on Saturday and a very lively and long Sunday service!

A new development since our last visit, is a cooperation with a private school (which teaches the English system) the primary school children of NG benefit from the extra resources. An English volunteer (teacher) is actively involved and the interactive learning in this environment is having fantastic results!

A team of 3 Ex street boys are employed as outreach workers! They identify the most vulnerable children. They seek to befriend kids and record their names and information about them. They give them a form of identity “known by NG” should they be arrested or need medical help.

The dream of the outreach team is to have funding to help more of the street children directly at the centre.

3 ex street boys now attend university, a first for NG. In return for their fees they volunteer in various ways at the NG centre.

No time to tell you of other activities: entrepreneurship training, healing of memories and peace and reconciliation events. Football and NG clubs! Extra English lessons, computer training, and simple music lessons.

We continue to pray for Gods work here. It’s a privilege to be part of it in some small way. In practice Rod is advising and enabling better organisation structure for the staff and volunteers (especially financial management) I mostly watch the daily activity, pray and encourage, children, staff and volunteers and participate as opportunities present.  Rod and Anita Whitehead.

The Lord Answers Our Prayers For New Generation!


We prayed last month that New Generation would be able to raise the money to buy their site, and that another church would decide to support them. Both prayers were answered before Dieudonne left the UK! He asked us to thank everyone for making him feel so welcome.

At First Wednesday we prayed for the church that was considering supporting New Generation. St Margaret’s church in Uxbridge have now decided to support New Generation on a monthly basis. They recently received a large legacy, and have also decided to give New Generation £50,000 to help buy their site – this will make the charity much stronger by eliminating rental costs which are one of the biggest costs the charity faces.

For St Margarets the fact that Dieudonne runs the Oasis church, which operates from the hall on New Generation’s site, was a critical factor. The £50,000 is about 20% of the total cost – New Generation already has pledges for the other 80%. Oasis currently pay 20% of the rent, so God has given exactly what was needed to buy the site, and what Oasis needed to ensure that they will not have to pay rent in future either.

Dieudonne greatly enjoyed meeting old and new supporters on his visit to the UK. He hopes to build up a supporter base who take an active interest in the children and in developments at the project. You can follow events at New Generation on their face book page, New Generation Burundi . Oasis is a lively, growing church – see Oasis Christian Centre