Worship Central


We are not currently running the Worship Central course.

What is Worship Central?

The Worship Central Course is a seven session course that looks at some of the big theological and practical issues around leading worship in the 21st Century. We are passionate about the power of worship to transform our communities and have designed the course to equip, empower and encourage worship leaders and teams to be as effective as they can be.

Who is Worship Central for?

It is for anyone and everyone. The course is particularly geared towards worship teams, however anyone that is passionate about worship can do the course.

How is Worship Central run?

The course meets as one group, and the approach will be informal and very interactive.
One week there is a break in the course programme as we join with churches across the world in an evening of worship.
Week 1
What is Worship Central?

Worship Central Hub
Week 2
Encounter God
Week 3
Leading Worship
Week 4
Releasing Creativity
Week 5
The Effective Team
Week 6
How to Play Together
Week 7
The Authentic Leader

What happens at Thursday Night Courses?

We meet together at 19.30 for a light meal and a chance to get to know other people on the course. If you can’t make it for 19.30 don’t worry, we won’t begin the course until 20.00 and we’ll gladly set some food aside if you wish. The evening concludes at 21.30.

How do I join one of the courses?

Please us if you wish to register your interest in a future course (dates to be decided).