Will Bissett

Will is married to Bethan. He was born in Glasgow and brought up in a Christian family. Will recalls praying from a very young age, and being blessed with a sense of the presence of God from then. As well as attending Sunday School (as it was called then!) and The Boys’ Brigade, Will was active in church youth fellowships and school Christian fellowship.
“I benefitted enormously from the example, teaching, sacrifice and love of parents and others, including Sunday school teachers and some great mentors to whom I am deeply grateful.”
To deepen his understanding of faith Will read for his first theology degree at Westminster College (Oxford), followed by an MA in Missiology at Cliff College (Sheffield), and has recently completed another theological MA at STETS (Salisbury) as part of his ministerial training.
“Throughout my life I have had an awareness of the presence of God, always there, even when I veered to the left or right, and carrying me through some tough times. After studying Theology, I went into the Civil Service, followed by the RAF, getting involved in local church life, and participating in Christian Fellowships on the various bases on which I served.”
He has travelled to Nagorno-Karabakh with Christian Solidarity Worldwide where he was inspired by the work being done there by CSW and others, and humbled by the spirit, resilience and hospitality of people living through severe adversity.
Will has served churches in a variety of roles, including: leading home groups, homelessness support, outreach events, student ministry, serving on PCCs, and most recently at HTB where he helped run the Men’s Ministry. He also oversees BreakThrough, a men’s ministry dedicated to being ‘Men of God, Men of Prayer’. Explaining his calling to self-supporting ministry he says “After some prevarication and wresting, and much prayer, I realised that God was calling me to ministry, but not out of the workplace, but rather to remain in it, to be, in some way ‘salt and light’; using the experience of work to contribute to ministry, and the reflections of ministry to contribute to life at work.” “I am also enormously grateful to Bethan for her encouragement, support, love, wisdom and insight.”
In recent years Will has fulfilled a variety of commercial positions, and now holds a senior commercial marketing role at the Chartered Institute of Marketing, as well as being a Pension Scheme Director, and an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries. When not working or studying he enjoys cricket, volleyball, socialising with friends, cooking, music and reading (and plays the bagpipes!).
“I understand some of the difficulties we all face trying to live faithfully through the challenges of daily life (particularly in a secularised society) and long to see men, women and children have an encounter with the living God through our Lord Jesus Christ, who offers us life in all its fullness. Well aware of my own shortfalls I walk by the grace of God and am profoundly grateful for His love, patience and perseverance with me! Perhaps because of that I have a passion for prayer – it’s our lifeblood and how we respond to, commune with, and are renewed and inspired daily by, the Spirit of God.”