Simon has recently written to the congregation - a copy of the letter is reprinted below or there are hard copies available at the back of the church.

Letter to the congregation from Simon Vibert                        

November 2019

 Dear friends,


 The clocks have changed, and the dark nights are with us.
I have some sympathy with CS Lewis’ picture of life living under the spell of the White Witch in Narnia, “Always winter, but never Christmas”.
However, the relief from the darkness of winter is found in the new light of Advent, then Christmas, and it will be here before you know it!
But before Christmas….

 Emerging clarity and our new Vision

Our main theme this autumn has been our new Vision: “in the community, for the community, to the glory of God”. We have been considering this on Sundays, and also, in the Home Groups each week. The 5 main areas of focus are

·         Reaching and Growing

·         Maturing and Equipping

·         Influencing and Caring

·         Spreading and Promoting

·         Serving and Sharing

Our hope is that your thoughts and prayers have sparked lots of ideas about how we can glorify God in and beyond this community, in each of these 5 areas.
I very much hope that you can join us on Saturday 16 November, 0930-1230, in Church, as we share plans for the future of Christ Church and pray through the things which have emerged from our Vision discussions. Coffee and Pastries will be provided.  

 Comings and Goings

There has been a lot of churn this past 6 months. People have moved on, for all sorts of reasons, and even more people have joined us. We thank God for all these new arrivals!

If you have joined the Church in the last 6 months, I would love it if you could join us for a cooked lunch, after the morning meeting, Sunday 17 November. This will be a good chance to meet one another, and the staff, and to hear something of what it means to be connected to the community of Christ Church, Virginia Water.

 New staff

I am sure that you have met the new staff – we are delighted that our Curate, Vincent, along with his wife Belinda and the three boys, have settled in well with us, and you will have appreciated Vincent’s ministry already, I am sure.

We are very thankful to God that Judah’s visa came through in good time, and that she has thrown herself into working with the youth, students and young adults. This is a big job; do pray for her.
Ash and Megan are our two interns, and there are many ways in which they help to serve the Church family, practically and spiritually, for which we praise God.
Along with them, do remember the entire staff in your prayers. There is a lot that happens in the life of CCVW throughout the week, and we seek to serve you, by enabling you to do the work of ministry wherever you are scattered!

Pledge Sunday

Our treasurer, Rod Whitehead, recently outlined the positive way in which you responded to a potentially large financial hole this past year. We are very grateful. The budget for 2020 is still a challenge, and you will make this process much easier for us if you can clearly indicate what you expect to be able to give to the work of Christ Church, by completing a pledge form, or confidentially emailing your intentions to   Please do this by 12 November if at all possible.

And so to Christmas!


Our theme this Christmas is: “Joy Story” and will be used in all our Christmas publicity. I partly have in mind the new “Toy Story” film, just released (more about this in December’s Connection Magazine).      
But I also think that the political environment in the UK right now is worrying, and for many, depressing. Where is the hope, the joy? 
How good that we have a message of joy at Christmas! And don’t let the impending General Election dull your anticipation of celebrating the joyous message of Advent and Christmas.
Watch out for the details of all our Christmas activities and services, across all ages.
Please also use the “Joy Story” fliers we are printing to visit around the parish, knocking on people’s doors, and personally inviting them to Christmas events – you might be pleasantly surprised at the warm reception you receive!


May I ask you to keep praying for God’s Church: His Kingdom to come here on earth as it is in heaven. And, particularly, for our role as a local Church in Virginia Water. Without him, all our efforts and labour are in vain. With Him: He will build His Church, to His great glory. 

In Him was life, and that life was the light of all people. The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. (John 1:4-5)
 Yours in Christ