We are running four courses this term:

A Bible Course

Positive Parenting Course

Marriage Course

Faith in a Coronavirus World

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To register your interest please see each specific course for registration details.


The Parenting Course


Equipping, encouragement and support, through various stages of parenthood.  Helping mums and dads not only survive, but to thrive as parents.

7th October – 18th November 6 weeks for parents of children under 12 led by Jeremy brown, via Zoom.

6 weeks for parents of children under 12, led by Jeremy Brown, via zoom. 

The 6 weeks cover:

It's not just me;
Love them and let them know; 
It’s good to talk; 
Boundaries and battles; 
Parenting with elastic; 
Creating a sense of belonging

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A Bible Course

For those of any faith or none

30th September – 21st October (Wednesday evening, 19:00-20:30)

What's the best-selling book of all time actually about?

Join us to see the big plot line of the Bible. We won't push you to convert or ask you to read or pray aloud. 

Led by Vincent via Facebook Live. Join us online:


The Marriage Course

7th October – 18th November

(Wednesday evening, 20:00-21:00)


Enjoy a meal together, watch the video, 

then join Carrie and Simon for a catch up via zoom, 20:00 - 21:30

7 sessions: 

Strengthening Connection; 
The Art of Communication;
Resolving Conflict; 
The Power of Forgiveness; 
The Impact of Family; 
Good Sex; 
Love in Action

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Faith in a Coronavirus World

6th October – 3rd November

(Tuesday evening, 19:30-20:30)

5 Short talks addressing issues raised by the Coronavirus. 

Format is a YouTube video, followed by zoom Q&A, led by Simon Vibert. 

Sessions are:

Work and identity; 
Suffering and death; 
Lockdown and rest;
Loneliness and friendship; 
Faith and Love. 
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