Becoming A Contagious Christian


We are not currently running the Becoming a Contagious Christian Course

Commencing January 2019 we are running Christianity Explored and in September 2019 we will run Alpha.  Click on both links to explore more.

What is the Contagious Christian Course?

Contagious Christian is a course  developed in partnership with the Willow Creek Association designed to equip believers for effective evangelism in today's world.

Who is Contagious Christian for?

Contagious Christian assumes a professing faith in Jesus Christ but is designed for everyday ‘ordinary’ believers.  The course  shows how you can share the gospel in a natural and powerful way whilst being the person God made you to be.

How is Contagious Christian run?

The course meets as one group, and the approach will be informal and very interactive.  Discussion is based around a DVD and in a small group format.
Week 1 Benefits of Becoming Contagious
Week 2 Being Yourself
Week 3 Deepening Relationships & Conversations
Week 4 Telling Your Story
Week 5 Communicating God's Message
Week 6 Helping Friends Cross the Line

What happens at Thursday Night Courses?

We meet together at 19.30 for a light meal and a chance to get to know other people on the course. If you can’t make it for 19.30 don’t worry, we won’t begin the course until 20.00 and we’ll gladly set some food aside if you wish. The evening concludes at 21.30.

How do I join one of the courses?

Please us if you wish to register your interest in a future course (dates to be decided).