Explorers For Children School Years 3-6


Our club meetings take place on the fourth Saturday of each month (except school holidays) from 17.30 to 19:00.  Join us for a sandwich tea followed by games, Bible study, songs, prayer and other activities.  We will be following a theme of ‘Absolutely Everything’ which will take us through the Bible in 12 sessions (1 year).  Contact Jeremy for more details.

Parentalk – An Inspiring Event Coming To Reading 14 June!


The aim of this fantastic event, aimed at parenting the under 12’s, is to have you leaving inspired and empowered as a mum or dad. During the evening we’ll share practical tips that you can take away and put into action at home straight away. It certainly won’t be dull – there will be lots of humour and you may even shed a tear or two. Click here for more info.

Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers


We are again collecting Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers which we will forward on your behalf to our local schools and beavers/cubs.  They are always very grateful to receive – it can make a big difference.  The current scheme ends on 2 May 2017.

5 Tips for Teaching Our Children To Pray


Teaching our children to pray is a key responsibility of children’s ministers and parents alike.  Here are five tips which we can use in our children’s groups and also in our homes:

  1. Give your children an opportunity to pray. In music, in sport, in life, the more we put in the more we get out.  The more we pray, the more comfortable and natural it becomes.  So let us pray!
  2. Children’s prayers are just as powerful as adults’ prayers. God values kids’ prayers and so should we.  Jesus said ‘let the children come to me’.  He could just as easily have said, ‘let the children speak to me’ – and prayer is speaking (and listening) to God.
  3. Model prayer. This is great for the home as it encourages us to pray together – we don’t just let the children say a night time prayer but we also say one too.  It’s also important for church.  Here is a challenge for our family services – to make our prayers both relevant and interesting because we are modelling prayer to the whole congregation.
  4. Share answers to prayer with our children.  A prayer book is one way to do this: make a note about what our children are praying for and look back occasionally to see what happened.  This can lead to a good learning point – that God does answer prayer, though not always in the way we want / expect – and in His time, not ours.
  5. Let your children pray for you. Our kids are prayer warriors because they do have that faith as big as a mustard seed that perhaps we lose.  So let them pray for us, in both big and small things.

Prayer should be central to our Christian faith and therefore central to our children’s lives as well.  It’s a key way to talk to and listen to God; so we need to train our children in prayer so they grow with it at the heart of all they do.  Jeremy

Good Friday

Good Friday

Come to our reflective Hour At The Cross Service at 12:00.

Then do join us for fellowship over a simple bread and soup lunch following the service from 13:00 to 14:00.

A film will be available for children to watch during the service in the upstairs room.