CCVW Finance Update


By God’s grace and the generosity of many church members we ended 2016 with a surplus in the General Fund.  With Expenditure close to the budget at £611,183 and Income of £617,078 there was a small surplus of £5,895.  However, we are facing a fresh challenge in 2017. With a number of church members having moved on our projected income is substantially lower than last year.  Despite having reduced the Expenditure Budget we are facing a projected shortfall of more than £44,000, and this assumes that the number of non-pledged, unexpected donations remains at the same very high level as recent years.  Please pray for God’s continued financial provision and guidance for the PCC to make wise decisions on how the money is spent.


If you do not already contribute financially to the work of Christ Church and would like to do so please contact the Finance Team at or speak to Angela Suttie or Rob Humphreys.