2020 Vision

Our Overarching Vision


Imagine Christ Church as a church…

  • for doubters, seekers and believers that becomes something that everyone wants to be part of
  • of every age, race and colour putting their relationship with God first, meeting together regularly to worship Him and becoming one in Christ
  • of fully devoted, spiritual Christ followers passionate for an ever-deeper relationship with God
  • where everyone is fully surrendered to the Holy Spirit, exercising their God-given gifts in a joyful and fulfilling service
  • where every member is totally comitted to making disciples of all nations


Win: our Evangelism Vision

  • Imagine our church as a place where the Lord is adding to our number daily those who are being saved
  • Imagine our church full of people naturally sharing Christ by word and action

Goals 2010 to 2015

  1. To develop and annual plan to reach every household in Virginia Water with the good news of Christ
  2. To equip every member to share their faith effectively
  3. To identify those with the gift of evangelism and deploy them effectively
  4. To devise and promote a programme of seeker-friendly services and events


Build: our Discipleship Vision

  • Imagine everyone becoming mature in Christ and fully equipped for their God-given ministry
  • Imagine a church family investing whatever it takes to become fully devoted followers of Christ
  • Imagine every church member committed to a daily quiet time of biblical reflection and prayer and to regular corporate prayer
  • Imagine Christ Church as a centre for excellence for training in Christian living

Goals 2010 to 2015

  1. To enable members to grow in their Christian faith through teaching on maturity and membership of the body of Christ
  2. To enable members to identify, understand and deploy their spiritual gifts
  3. To encourage personal Bible study and prayer through the provision of resources as appropriate
  4. To provide opportunities, resources and stimulus for corporate prayer and further study to deepen personal faith
  5. To provide a programme of courses for training in Christian living, within an annual framework


Send: our Mission Vision

  • Imagine every member of Christ Church being informed, inspired and engaging in the practical, prayerful and financial needs of local, national and international mission
  • Imagine Christ Church members regularly being called into ministry in the UK or internationally

Goals 2010 to 2015

  1. To motivate practical, prayerful and financial support of Mission through regular Bible teaching
  2. To ensure the visibility of Christ Church-supported mission agencies within the Church
  3. To have each Small Group adopt one of our supported Mission Partners for regular prayer and practical support
  4. To achieve active participation in short or long term Mission by at least 10% of our members by 2015
  5. To give 15% (a tithe and a half) of our Voluntary Giving income to Mission ensuring a deliberate focus on the ongoing support of ministries with which current or former members of Christ Church are serving


Our Ministry-By Ministry Vision

Our Services Vision

  • Imagine services where our praise, worship and teaching are truly pleasing to God
  • Imagine services that connect with doubters, seekers and believers and become something everyone wants to be part of
  • Imagine uplifting services where the Bible teaching builds up the church family and equips members to live for Christ

Goals 2010-2015

  1. To enable every person attending our services to encounter the true and living God
  2. To provide dynamic Bible teaching that has clear application and motivational impact leading to transformed lives
  3. To facilitate a range of worship styles appropriate and accessible to the ages, traditions and nationalities represented in the church family


Our Small Groups Vision

  • Imagine everyone being a member of, and growing in, a Bible-centred Small Group
  • Imagine our Small Groups as safe, inclusive and welcoming places for high quality learning, nurture, support and mutual accountability
  • Imagine an ever-expanding network of Small Groups equipped and led by gifted and trained leaders

Goals 2010 to 2015

  1. To enable each member of a Small Group to grow in understanding, maturity, and obedience through Bible study, prayer and fellowship
  2. To intergrate the Small Group Bible study programmer with the church’s preaching and teaching programme
  3. To enable our Small Groups to become communities of loving friendship and pastoral care
  4. To equip members of Small Groups for discipleship, evangelism, and service
  5. To identify, plan and deliver the leadership training and resourcing required to grow our Small Groups
  6. To have a range of appropriate Small Groups on offer for every member


Our Pastoral Care Vision

  • Imagine our church as a welcoming and safe place where members can respond to the needs of others in timely, practical and prayerful ways complementing local
  • community services
  • Imagine everyone at our church feeling loved and cared for
  • Imagine us having a growing team equipped to meet all kinds of pastoral needs

Goals 2010 to 2015

  1. To develop and implement working practices for pastoral care provision that ensure full awareness and effective management of pastoral needs
  2. To identify, plan and deliver the regular resourcing and training required by Ministry Heads, Small Group Leaders, the Prayer Ministry Team and church members to
  3. equip them to provide appropriate and timely spiritual, emotional and practical pastoral care
  4. To ensure that each Ministry Head, Small Group Leader and Prayer Ministry Team Member provides appropriate and timely spiritual, emotional and practical pastoral care
  5. To ensure that individuals are referred to the Pastoral Care Team or a specialist when appropriate
  6. To clearly communicate how pastoral care is accessed


Our Student Ministry Vision

  • Imagine seeing every local student impacted by the life-changing message of the gospel
  • Imagine our church full of students inspired through solid biblical discipleship, equipped in evangelism and passionate to pursue a godly lifestyle
  • Imagine every student returning to their home church and country able to reach, teach and disciple those around them

 Goals 2010 to 2015

  1. To provide a range of church-based and on-campus opportunities for every local student to hear and respond to the gospel
  2. To enable both home and Royal Holloway students attending our chuch to gain a thorough knowledge of the Bible
  3. To provide regular opportunities for students to encourage and serve one another, the rest of Christ Church and the wider church
  4. To equip every student attending out church regularly to share their faith, disciple and teach others both at college and on their return to their home churches and countries


Our Youth Ministry Vision

  • Imagine reaching every young person in Virginia Water with the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Imagine our teenages becoming role-models for other young people locally, becoming mature Christian adults with a thorough biblical understanding and world-view
  • Imagine a growing community of young people eager to share the gospel with their friends
  • Imagine a dedicated and godly team of youth leaders who are committed to the spiritual growth and maturity of our young people

 Goals 2010 to 2015

  1. To create regular opportunites for every young person in and beyond Virginia Water to hear the good news of Jesus Christ
  2. To pastor every young person at our church, respond to their needs through a range of activites and help them to come to know God personally
  3. To equip every young person attending our church regularly with the knowledge and skills to sustain their Christian lives in adulthood
  4. To equip and encourage every one of our young people to share the gospel through training in personal witness
  5. To provide young people with opportunites to develop their leadership skills for Christian ministry
  6. To recruit and provide training for a team of excellent youth leaders
  7. To meet regularly with parents to discuss the youth ministry and partner with them in the spiritual nurture of their children and youth


Our Children’s Ministry Vision

  • Imagine impacting the lives of children from all areas of the local community with the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Imagine parents equipped and encouraged to raise their children to become fully devoted followers of Christ
  • Imagine a safe and attractive environment where gifted leaders teach God’s word in a way that leads to true commitment to Jesus Christ
  • Imagine every child filled with God’s Spirit, equipped and eager to share their faith with others

 Goals 2010 to 2015

  1. To create opportunities to share the gospel in all three Virginia Water primary schools and in other areas of the local community as opportunites present themselves
  2. To develop a programme of Biblical teaching and exciting activities that inspires children to greater commitment
  3. To deliver a leaders and helpers succession plan that results in continuity of Sunday Club provision and growth
  4. To provide a platform to introduce and welcome new families into the church
  5. To establish communication with parents that engages them in the Children’s Ministry and encourages and equips them for the nurture of their children’s faith


Our Strategy & Operations Vision

  • Imagine our Vision being so well communicated that church members are inspired to fulfil it and the local community is engaged through it
  • Imagine our facilites reflecting the glory of God and enabling us to deliver our Vision
  • Imagine excellent ‘invisible’ administrative, operational and financial management services that underpin the delivery of every ministry

 Goals 2010 to 2015

  1. To co-ordinate and facilitate the achievement of the 2020 Vision
  2. To manage and deliver targeted communication of the church’s vision, work and activites to church members, the local community and to those with whom we partner
  3. To optimise the use of our exisitng buildings and delivers a vision and plan for worship-enhancing buildings development abd extension
  4. To provide administrative, operational and financial management that meets legal requirements and constitutes best practice


Our Distinctive Values

It is our prayerful hope that the tangible goals contained in this Five Year Plan will be achieved, by God’s grace, as we maintain the following distinctive values:

  • We believe that Biblical teaching anointed by the Holy Spirit is the catalyst for individual and corporate transformation (Romans 12:7; 2 Timothy 3:16-17; James 1:23-25)
  • We believe that lost people matter to God, and therefore, ought to matter to the church. This is the reason for our commitment to relational evangelism as well as organised evangelistic events (Luke 5:30-32; Luke 15; Matthew 18:14)
  • We believe that the church should be culturally relevant while remaining doctrinally pure (1 Corinthians 9:19-23)
  • We believe that Christ’s followers should demonstrate authenticity and yearn for continuous growth (Ephesians 4:25-32; Hebrews 12:1; Philippians 1:6)
  • We believe that the church should operate as a unified community of servants stewarding their spiritual gifts (1 Corinthians 12 & 14; Romans 12; Ephesians 4)
  • We believe that loving relationships should permeate every aspect of church life. This includes the principle of servant-hood and commitment to relationship building (1 Corinthians 13; Nehemiah 3; Luke 10:1; John 13:34-35)
  • We believe that life-change happens best in small groups. This is the reason for our commitment to small groups to facilitate fellowship, teaching and ministry (Luke 6:12-13; Acts 2:44-47)
  • We believe that excellence in all we do honours God and inspires people (Colossians 3:17; Malachi 1:6-14; Proverbs 27:17)
  • We believe that churches should be led by those with leadership gifts. This is the reason for our commitment to shared leadership, continuous training and the evaluation of gifts and abilities (Nehemiah 1 & 2; Romans 12:8; Acts 6:2-5)
  • We believe that full devotion to Christ and serving His cause is normal for every believer. This includes the concept of stewardship, servant-hood, and discipleship (1 Kings 11:4; Philippians 2:1-11; 2 Corinthians 8:7)