• Hope for Tomorrow Web 72dpi

    Dealing With Depression

    Dealing with Depression Courses begin on 18 September at 19.00 Dealing with Depression is a 4 week course designed to support people suffering with depression and or anxiety and/or anyone who is supporting someone with depression. …

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  • CrabNebula

    Murder In The Crab Nebula

    The Galaxy Guys are on a mission in deep space making a delivery. It’s a routine trip until there’s a dead body and the delivery is put on hold…let the mystery begin! Join us on Saturday…

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  • HarvestServices

    Harvest at Christ Church

    Join us on Sunday 5 October for our Harvest Celebration Services. At 09.30 we welcome the teachers, children and families from Christ Church School and at 11.00 we have our Family Service. Both services are themed…

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  • Autumn Sermon Series

    Autumn Sermon Series

    Join us on Sundays this term as we study together ‘Jesus And Creation’ at our 09.30 and 11.00 morning services and “Difficult Sayings Of Jesus” at our 18.30 evening services. Click here to view our Teaching…

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  • 2014 Oct - Saiet BIG Breakfast web and ticket

    Saturday BIG Breakfast

    Tim is a former Royal Marine Commando with experience as an unarmed combat instructor and member of the British Ski Team. He is also a professional and award winning magician, performing for Arsenal FC and McLaren…

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  • TNC web

    Autumn Courses

    Autumn Thursday Night Courses begin on 16 October at 19.30 What happens at Thursday Night Courses? We meet together at 19.30 for a light meal and a chance to get to know other people on the…

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